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Open Position

Open Position

Healthcare Consultant 과장~차장 채용합니다.

  • 2021-09-27 15:14:00

Job Description

  • Build up Healthcare Consulting brand and Create consulting packages to increase customer satisfaction

- Developing a new strategy with consulting package that reflects the market conditions and customer needs

  • Lab Consulting

- Lab consulting based on LEAN principles, current workflow observations identify problems and customer needs, and find points to improve with automation system

  • Solution Design Consulting

- Conduct workshop for solution Design Consulting and presented solution proposals to customers by answering any inquiries and understanding their current business situation

- Establish product and solution proposal of product compositions of clinical chemistry, immunochemistry equipment and medication, laboratory automation system, and IT control solution etc. with a broaden product knowledge in IVD

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning Establishment

- Play a pivotal role to establish RHC marketing strategy and consulting service management by analyzing Korea IVD market trends, consumer behaviors, & competitor analysis in order to gain business insights and intelligences of Korea market

- Build local marketing strategy through competitor analysis, competitor product installation status, product analysis, industry/market research, and external environmental trend studies

  • Marketing Execution & Promotional Campaigns

- Conduct Internal and external seminar and Virtual event, such as 'RHC day' & value proposition workshop for promotional programs by developing and planning marketing campaigns in Korea markets in collaboration with multiple stakeholders

- In charge of communication with all BU to acknowledge and monitor the overall situation of the laboratory –conducting consulting service and leading KOL engaging campaigns (RED event, Lab Insights etc.)– by sharing market information and then reflecting into strategy development

- Lead sales education to convey strategic consulting and automation sales strategy and knowledge; preform benchmarking study of cases in other laboratories to come up with new strategy & plan

  • Communications with Global, Regional, Other stakeholders

- Act as a focal point to communicate with Global and APAC regional team to align with regional business, marketing, consulting strategy for local implementation

- Coordinate with sales and customer service departments to provide product support & assistance

- Collaborate with BU sales and Agile team to ensure the alignment of new consulting strategy into KOL customers management and to streamline proposal and implementation steps of laboratory automation system along with increase revenues


1. 학사 이상 (생명공학/의공학 관련 전공자 우대)

2. 신입 지원 가능

3. Sales, Marketing, Consulting, 마케팅 업무 경험 우대 병원 및 진단검사의학과 관련 업무 경험 우대

4. LEAN six sigma, 데이터 분석 및 Project management 및 Stakeholder communication 경험자 우대

5. MS office/ Excel & Presentation (High)

6. Customer centric and open mind set

7. Proactive attitude & Passion

8. Good in English

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