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Ophthalmology & Pipeline Products Squad Lead (BUM 역할) 채용합니다.

  • 2021-07-05 08:20:00

Main responsibility

The Squads will focus on portfolio, system shaping and partnership priorities, which will in turn define what work needs to be delivered.  

The Squad lead will report to the Cluster Lead Healthcare Innovation. The role will be accountable for leading the team that designs an optimal, end-to-end customer experience for  PORT DELIVERY SYSTEM (PDS) & FARICIMAB across all customer groups (retinal specialists and comprehensive ophthalmologists, patients and their caregivers, local advocacy, cross-disciplinary thought leaders, surgical centers and payers).


Overall responsibilities have both ophthalmology and enterprise impact and include development and leadership of the integrated customer experience, as well as leadership and implementation of plans related to strategic and tactical aspects of executing on the mission to meet customer needs and deliver on the business strategy.  This Squad is focused on defining the vision and strategies that will ensure customers have the information they need about company.

Responsible for managing the complexity of launching a surgical device and an additional new pharmaceutical product, in an ever-increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. At the same time, this leader will continue to shape all enabling functions, attentive to managing and leading change as he/she guides the team through concurrent transformation.  In addition, this role serves as the lead point of various teams within the Global Product Strategy and Pharma International organization.


The Squad Lead inspires and leads the squad towards the squad vision and affiliate North Star. Sets the direction (short and long term) and priorities business outcomes for the squad which creates the most value for patients, people.  Advocates for squad success and ensures team sustainability.  Champions Korea affiliate transformation by optimizing agile ways of working within the squad; and creates a culture of discovery, experimentation, learning and continuous improvement within the squad. They lead a team, without formal line-management authority, to deliver on those outcomes. The Squad lead is always an active participant of the squad and naturally  takes both a “player” and leadership role according to the needs of the team.


The Squad Lead will help/enable the squad members to prioritize their work constantly so that everyone does  focus on portfolio, system shaping and partnership. Internal processes or anything that does not add value to our customers and patients should be stopped or deprioritized.  In turn those priorities will  define what work needs to be delivered by squad. The Squad lead is ultimately accountable for those deliverables incl. P&L.


  • Proven experience and knowledge in the relevant field/product/customer segment 
  • Experience of leading a cross functional team, without formal authority, to deliver on outcomes 
  • Strength in agile working principles and methodologies
  • High degree of business acumen, analytical skills and project management capability
  • Ability to help and give feedback, but is also not afraid to receive feedback
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