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Market Access Manager 약사 채용합니다.

  • 2021-02-02 16:06:00

Market Access

1) Drug price listing and management

- Be responsible for local reimbursement application and develop value dossier of new drug for reimbursement including expansion

- Submit value dossier to HIRA and closely follow-up with authorities after the submission.

- Develop negotiation strategy with payer and finalize P&R listing

- Obtain favourable reimbursement guideline and MRP as timely as possible after the local marketing authorization has been granted by MFDS

- Responsible for creating and executing comprehensive market access strategies through the integration of pricing and reimbursement, health technology assessment, evidence-based medicine review and health economic modelling activities.

- Designs, develops and implements an integrated approach to all aspects of the payer value proposition from early development through and beyond loss of exclusivity. Communicates the unique attributes of the therapeutic area drugs/medical devices to external multi-stakeholders to ensure the drug's/device's value proposition will be recognised and maximise market uptake. Develops strategic studies with the end-customer in mind to ensure that the results will favourably impact pricing, reimbursement and market access as well as market uptake.


2) Market access intelligence

- Ensure effective customer management practices with internal and external customers

- Develop and maintain excellent relationship with relevant Korean authorities (MOHW, HIRA, NHIS and NECA etc.)

Monitor MACS environment and policy atmosphere and analyse business implication. Take action as appropriate and engage with the relevant stakeholder

- Conducts quantitative and qualitative pricing research. Identifies, develops and implements market access pricing and reimbursement policies for the organisation's products. Analyses and translates technical pricing and reimbursement information into meaningful decision points, recommendations and strategic tactics. Compares and evaluates the economic value of products and therapies with the clinical and quality of life outcomes data from clinical trials and/or epidemiology studies registry and economical modelling, surveys and meta-analysis. May work with clinical research to add health economics endpoints to clinical trials and with biostatisticians to analyse and report study results.



Background : Pharmacy (license is mandatory as import pharmacist)

Competent to communicate with HQ in English.

More than at least 10 years experiences in MA 

Drive for Results

Integrity and Trust

Communication skills


   담당자: 김대식
   연락처: 02-6925-5391
   이메일: ds@hrfind.co.kr

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