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Rare Conditions Partner (희귀질환 분야)

  • 2020-11-05 09:37:00

Functionally agnostic leadership and transformation role. 

This is not a sales and marketing role.  This is not a medical or MSL role.  It is a functionally agnostic leadership and transformation role.  You are a trusted community partner, steward of the brand across the lifecycle and a champion of collaboration that unlocks creative potential externally and internally unlike any role we have seen in the industry before.  The work you do will truly enable better outcomes for patients, their community, the ecosystem and the organization, faster.

The Why:

We are transforming.  We aim to become a lean, agile, networked organization that delivers better outcomes to more patients faster.  To unlock the creative capacity of our organization and the external ecosystem we believe that small, self-managed teams that are highly connected across the world, able to operate at speed and also collaborate with external stakeholders is the key to success. 

Patients and families with rare conditions are already working collaboratively across counties in self-organized ways.  Their needs go way beyond the medicines we offer.  The communities of patients and families with rare conditions are tightly knit, globally connected, highly interactive and seek knowledge out daily, hoping to find improvements no matter how small. A broad matrix of stakeholders surrounds these people, all of whom play a role in advocating for and enabling patients and families to live their best lives.  Relationships, integrity and the highest levels of customer collaboration mean everything to these patients and families.  For them the condition is not rare, it is every day.

Our north star is: “bringing value to patients with rare conditions faster to transform their lives.”

In order to deliver against our North Star, Company has created the Infinity Model, which empowers and enables us to connect and partner with all stakeholders within the rare conditions network.  The Rare Condition Partner is at the heart of this model and the primary point of coordination between Company and the community of patients, families and HCPs and interactions with the ecosystem (administrators, regulators and payers).

The What:

As a Rare Condition Partner (RCP) you will work closely with patients and their community and ecosystem, gaining an understanding of their wants and needs, deeper than ever before, in order to connect Company’s capabilities to co-create meaningful solutions.  As the steward of the product lifecycle you are functionally agnostic, customer-facing, the first-point of coordination, and the connector with Company's internal capabilities. It is ultimately your drive to help improve patient’s lives that will lead you to co-create fit-for purpose solutions that take us to our North Star.  Being successful in this role will deliver better outcomes for patients, better community value and better commercial results, the latter being the consequence of the first two.  Committing to improving better care outcomes for patients is good business.

As an RCP your key accountabilities are:

  • Being a champion for better outcomes for patients in terms of clinical outcomes and quality of life.
  • Partnering with the community and ecosystem to remove roadblocks and unlock possibilities that deliver value for patients and the community.
  • Stewarding the product through its lifecycle, addressing the need to support appropriate use of Company’s approved medicines while delivering on the other accountabilities. Sharing the merits of Roche products with HCPs in a truthful and balanced manner.

The How:

Acting as the first point of coordination within Company, you will share the community and ecosystem needs internally, priorities and secure resources as needed and find solutions that deliver outcomes, faster.  This will involve co-creation with external stakeholders within the country/ies you are responsible for and across the world by connecting with other RCPs and external stakeholders in other markets.

You will have local reporting lines for administrative purposes but work in an above-country self-organizing team with other RCPs from other countries (a POD).  This POD will act as a peer network to provide you with thought partnership, coaching on the setting, accountability to and support in the delivery of 90 days goals.  With the mentorship of your POD you will be a valued member of each affiliate you work with, collaborating internally and externally to deliver on your accountabilities.

Through the global above country network of RCPs you will also identify other RCPs with similar challenges in their communities and ecosystems and where relevant collaborate to find better, faster and more effective solutions.

The Who

The functionally agnostic RCP role is a complex and demanding role that requires a very diverse set of experiences, skills and behavior’s.  We seek diversity in the pool of RCPs so that you can collectively combine your strengths and leverage the collective wisdom of the network.  You will be provided with support by the rare conditions enabling team to build capabilities that you need to deliver on the needs of your communities and ecosystems. Desirable attributes are as follows:


  • Is humble and eager to learn from others
  • Has an entrepreneurial mindset and is able to act fast
  • Is a system thinker with feet on the ground
  • Able to learn quickly, and grow to take on new challenges
  • Is a mobilizer and an influencer, who can build and maintain open and transparent relationships with key RC ecosystem stakeholders, internally and externally
  • Understand that through collaboration more can be achieved
  • Displays integrity in everything they do (i.e. open, honest, ethical and genuine)

Technical skills & experience:

  • Has strong rare disease specific interest, ideally in rare neurodegenerative diseases
  • Has strong clinical practice understanding
  • Experience establishing partnerships with external organizations (including patient advocacy groups) and therapeutic area experts
  • An understanding of market access processes
  • Has strong expertise in developing commercialization strategies and tactics
  • Has cross-functional leadership experience
  • MBA  / Relevant Business or Market Access (preferred)
  • MD, Phar.D. or relevant PhD for the Therapeutic Domain (desirable)

While your key responsibility is to deliver on the needs of the communities, ecosystems and the brand you are responsible for, you are also a key driver of a new way of working.  This role is a catalyst for better care for people with rare conditions and for further organizational transformation to reach our north star.

   담당자: 김대식
   연락처: 02-6925-5391
   이메일: ds@hrfind.co.kr


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