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Demand specialist (과장-차장) 채용합니다.

  • 2020-11-05 09:23:00

Primary Job Function:

  • Primary responsibility is to support Marketing in ensuring a robust & accurate in-market sales forecasting. To review & challenge team’s planning assumptions based on historical sales trending & Lag -3 forecasting track record (over vs under-forecasting) to ensure consistent forecasting accuracy. Based on in-market sales forecast, to plan & work closely with Supply Team to ensure uninterrupted supply to meet demand.
  • Act as Facilitator to enhance cross-functional collaboration between Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Commercial Excellence and FP&A to achieve better alignment of objectives & effective allocation of resources within Korea Affiliate.
  • On monthly basis, to consolidate updates & performance KPIs achievement across Field Force & Commercial Excellence, Marketing, Business Development, Supply Chain & Warehouse Management and Finance & Analytics for Monthly S&OP review meeting.  To lead team in review & discussion amongst relevant stakeholders of key outcomes vs Plan,  highlighting areas of key interdepencies & where close collaboration is required.  Though the S&OP process, the team should be able to collectively identify & align on key risk & opportuntities the business faces over a 12-24 months horizon & outline action plans to either capitalize on opportunities or mitigate key risks.


Core Job Responsibilities:

  • Meetings / Reviews
  • Monthly Demand Review - Organize & facilitate smooth running
  • Monthly S&OP (all functions) – Prepare In-Mkt & To-Mkt sales forecast and other update slides (business updates / KPIs performance) from all functional stakeholders.
  • Forecast Improvement meeting – Organize ad-hoc sessions (as required) with designated brands with Area/EM Demand function & Brand managers

Position Accountability / Scope:

  • Make sure that the sales forecast reflects overall Market situation and Affiliate’s situational circumstances (Risks, Challenges as well as upside Opportunities).
  • Act as the communication link between Supply Chain Team and Demand.  Maintain daily communications to update Team about on the latest changes in the demand or supply.  In the case of new contracts or abnormal demands, inform key contacts about date requirements and conditions.
  • Make sure that the information residing in the system/s used (BPCS, SAP, Smart ADS and Vena) for the S&OP process is reliable and updated.
  • Participate in NPI meetings in order to determine their market projections.  Keeping a database of opportunities will facilitate and improve market projections.
  • Administrate, integrate and consolidate sales projections to be presented to the Sales and Operations Plan and to elaborate reports requested by Area/Div.
  • Manage sales performance information to support the Sales and Operation Plan (S&OP).
  • Set up and co-ordinate monthly reconciliation meetings with the Marketing (to review current forecast, in-market sales, market intelligence and adjust the forecast according to that input),  Finance (to review the Business Projection vs. the Adjusted Forecast & the downstream impact to overall P&L), Supply Chain (to review assumptions over supply situations & any potential product allocation or disruptions due to productions/packaging or shipping delays).
  • Consolidate the information that is going to be used in the S&OP meeting.
  • Participate in policy and procedure elaboration regarding S&OP/Demand Management
  • Participate in the Plan and LBE preparation to be presented to Area/Div.



  • Minimum 5 years in a Demand/Supply Chain role - required
  • Advanced English level (spoken and written) – required
  • Experience in managing several internal stake-holders - desirable.
  • Experience in pharmaceutical industry - desirable
  • Multi-national company exposure – required
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent required

   담당자: 김대식
   연락처: 02-6925-5391
   이메일: ds@hrfind.co.kr

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